Bayside BEC offers a range of services to help you, wherever you are in your business journey.

We offer a range of cost-effective business services aimed at helping both start-ups and established businesses of all sizes to propel their business growth.

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Advice is delivered by experienced business advisors who have helped many businesses to achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting out, or are already established and looking to achieve better results or expand into new markets, we can work with you to help you get the results you need. Read more


We are pleased to announce that Bayside BEC operates a new coworking space in Pagewood. No need to travel to the city anymore. No need to sit at home with too many distractions and no social contact. We have comfortable and flexible spaces available for hire. Our spaces are ideal for those on a budget, with some of the lowest prices around for quality office space. Read more



Our business and marketing coaches are experienced, friendly and supportive with the added benefit of being business owners themselves. What makes us unique to other business coaches is that we take the time to listen and customise our advice and support to meet the individual needs of your business. Read more



We run a series of small group workshops to help you improve your knowledge and skills and accelerate your business growth. Our practical workshops facilitated by subject matter experts and typically cover topics such as digital and social media marketing, lead generation, marketing & promotion strategy, finance & tax, business systems & technology, productivity improvement and a host of other general business topics. Read more



At Bayside BEC we believe in the power of networking to help businesses grow and develop. Throughout the year we run a number of events designed to bring businesses together.
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Free Webinars

Access highly effective business knowledge and practices through our series of digital marketing webinars. These are facilitated by industry experts on topics such as Facebook marketing, Instagram for business, video marketing tools, Google AdWords and more. Read more



Australian Small Business Advisory Services
Digital Business Solutions Program

Would you like to increase your online leads and sales or improve your business efficiency through automation? Whatever your specific digital and technology needs, we are pleased to be able to offer low cost, high quality digital advisory services with support from the Australian Government. Read more

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